Site-specific multimedia installation exploring abstraction, movement, composition and synchronicity.  
Based on video I shot in musical pioneer Ornette Coleman’s recording studio, the project combines abstract photography, live video performance, and avant-garde jazz improvisation.
Shot in 2003 and remixed twenty years laterGrafica Harmolodica is less a documentation of the original performance than a visual improvisation on a musical idea: the innovative approach to making music that Coleman called Harmolodics.
Featuring a series of limited edition 91 x1 63cm (36" x 64") prints on canvas and video on loop.
Installation and live visual performance presented as part of the 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 2024.
A very special and heartfelt thanks to the musicians: Denardo Coleman on drums; Tony Falanga on bass; and Ornette Coleman on tenor saxophone.
Filmed at Harmolodic Studio, NYC in 2003. Visual remix at A Joyful Process Studio, Ann Arbor, 2023-24. 
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