Grafica Harmolodica is a multimedia installation exploring fragmentation, composition, abstraction, and synchronicity. Born of a serendipitous encounter in Ornette Coleman's Harmolodic Studio in 2003, it combines abstract photography and live video projection with improvisional jazz. 
Although based on video I shot that night and inspired by the musicians' performance, Grafica Harmolodica is less a documentation than a visual improvisation on a musical idea: Coleman's radically free approach to creativity that he called Harmolodics.

"The music we are trying to play is no more abstract than a modern painting."
Ornette Coleman
Years later, I remixed the video with fragments of my own work, old Dada clips, and hand-shot analog text and lighting experiments. This visual remix was done live as an in-studio performance while listening to the live recording—essentially jamming visually with the musicians twenty years after they played that night in Harlem.  
The large scale photos are each a single frame from the resulting video collage. 
With a nod to Jung’s principle of synchronicity, I hope that even the most abstract of these compositions carry some of the essence of the moment in which they were taken—including the energy of the music that was being made. 

“The moment encompasses everything to the minutest nonsensical detail, because all of the ingredients make up the observed moment.  The situation is assumed to represent a legible or understandable picture.”  
C.G. Jung, Introduction to the I-Ching 

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